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Lately, I've been running to the new album by The Hold Steady, which I purchased on impulse from a listening station, and I'm still not convinced I like... they have a strange mix of pianos and guitars that reminds me of something, but I have no idea what, and all of their songs seem to be about getting drunk in a small town while in high school, something to which I can relate (or at least, I could 8 or 9 years ago...)

But, that said, I find the music is really well-paced for cardio. Maybe give them a listen.


You know, you may be able to entice Adam to go to the store with you to get new headphone if he knew there was a treat in it for him. That kid will do just about anything for a donut. A donut with shite icing, colored sprinkles and cut into triangles.


Looking at the first Mary Worth pane -- is "lucidness" a word? Shouldn't it be "lucidity"?

Just asking.


For the benefit of any Irishmen who may be reading -- I believe that Julie meant "white" icing, not "shite" icing.


Any playlist with Warren Zevon on it has to be a winner.

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